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Hope Coull

Norfolk Public Schools
Norview Middle
I began my educational journey at Malone University, where I initially studied music education but quickly realized that Literature was my real passion. However, when I transferred from Malone to The University of Akron, my education credits failed to transfer, so I heeded the advice of my counselor and graduated a few years later with a degree in English. In 2007, I returned to Akron, to pursue my Masters with Licensure. This journey took me inside such schools as Akron Early College High School and North High School, both urban schools with unique students with unique needs. In the Spring of 2009, I completed my Student Teaching in 11th grade Language Arts at my Alma Mater; Wadsworth High School. Upon graduating in 2009, the teaching employment market was dismal. I was able to take on a full-time long-term substitute position at Woodridge High School, where I taught 11th and 12th grade Honors English, Drama, and Speech. When the lead teacher returned at the end of the year, I rotated as a substitute within Woodridge for the rest of that school year and the next. In January of 2012, I was hired to teach English IV at the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow. This class was composed of seniors and some eleventh graders as well. In 2013, I was chosen to help work on creating a curriculum for the upcoming switch to Common Core standards. In 2014, I took on an Honors IV English class as well, creating a curriculum to match the currently updated Common Core work that had just been implemented in the non-honors classrooms. In 2015, I taught English II, which was tenth grade but was moved back to English IV at the start of the 2016 school year. I was the editor of the Keystrokes Literary Magazine since 2013 and was part of both the graduating speaker's selection committee and the scholarship selection committee throughout my time at ECOT. I was able to group/co-teach for three of the five years I was at this school, as well as present professional development seminars on incorporating literature and writing into non-language Arts classes.  In 2017, the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow was dissolved, and I took a teaching position at John A. Holmes High School in Edenton, NC. While at John A. Holmes, I taught English III, both regular and honors, as well as English IV, regular, and honors. I developed unit plans for English III and IV, focused on state standards and anchor texts, which were implemented during the 2018-2019 school year. I underwent training in Thinking Maps and Social Economic Health and Wellbeing in students.I taught at John. A. Holmes High School for three years, before making the jump to middle school in 2020. Last year, I taught the virtual academy students at Norview Middle School, Grade 8 English. While next year looks to be a "normal" year, I still encourage and find excitement in incorporating technology into my student's lessons and activities.